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My story

Hi, I’m Linda. Most of us have grown up hearing or overhearing family stories, I am no different. I began my genealogy in 2010 shortly after my Mother died. In 2012 I was researching whether my grandfather’s birth story was true or not.  My Aunt reminded me of this family story I was told when I was 13 yrs old. Grandfather was born out of wedlock in 1908. Being born out of wedlock was frowned upon in that era.  Times have changed, but he carried shame well into his older years and wouldn’t discuss it openly. I always wondered if the story was true or not. Grandfather was lucky to have been given a birth father name. However, on Grandfather’s birth certificate, it lists the father as unknown. I felt his story could only be proven or disproven by Ancestry DNA. I was fortunate, all of my family and many extended members were willing to do Ancestry DNA. Eventually, DNA proved the family story were correct!

When I first received my family’s DNA results I was overwhelmed. It took months of self learning since I worked a full time job.  One day everything made sense in my mind.  I will always remember that special day.

In speaking with my Aunt Barb, I also learned that my Grandmother (her Mother) was adopted at 2 yrs old. DNA proved those stories were true.  DNA also proved some family stories were definitely not true.

These family stories altered my perspective. They filled my life with a great deal of empathy and compassion for people in a similar situation.  In 2017, I decided to work with adoptees and others looking for their birth fathers. The journey has been challenging, shocking, exciting and rewarding! 

My family members have tested at Ancestry, My Family tree, My Heritage and 23 & Me so I am familiar with all sites but I prefer Ancestry since it has records I can follow and the biggest database for DNA.  I’d really like to help you as well!

I look forward to helping you